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texts 44
movies 10
audio 3
images 2
Barbers 28
ERIC Archive 8
Barbers. [from old catalog] 7
Cosmetology 7
Barbers' supplies 5
barbers 4
Beauty operators 3
Career Education 3
Hairdressing 3
Occupational Information 3
A fatty transpiration 2
Adivasi Medicines 2
Barbering 2
Barbers Legal status, laws, etc. 2
Barbers Legal status, laws, etc. Pennsylvania. 2
Barbers' Company (London, England) 2
Barber’s itch and trouble due to shaving 2
Beauty culture 2
Beauty shops 2
Biodiversity 2
Black type of herpes zoster with eruptions typically eczematous or pustule 2
Business enterprises 2
Chhattisgarh Biodiversity 2
Competency Based Education 2
Course Content 2
Discharge of sticky fluids form the cracks 2
Dropsy 2
Eczematous or pustule 2
Emergency herbs 2
Employment Qualifications 2
Encyclopedia of Tribal Medicines (EOTM) 2
Enlarged glands 2
Entomophagy 2
Entomotherapy 2
Eruptions dry scaly with little pointed vesicles round the reddened edges worst in cold/warmth of bed 2
Ethnobotany 2
Excessive colorless viscid perspiration worse at night 2
Famine Food plants 2
Flexors bent inwards in leprosy 2
Folk Remedies 2
Forest People 2
Foulness with lack of vital reaction 2
Healing Flora 2
Herpes everywhere with excessive neuralgic pain 2
Herpes zoster 2
Herpetic eruptions especially on bends of joints and scalps with itching 2
Infantile derangement 2
Itching on tips of fingers as if frozen 2
Job Skills 2
Large blisters with smarting and burning pain 2
Large indolent and painful pustules 2
Leprosy with numbness and tingling in hands and feet 2
Leprosy with syphilitic eruptions 2
Liver sports of light white color in patches on the body 2
Liver spots On chest and arms 2
Liver spots during climacteric period or in menorrhagia 2
Liver spots of very dark color 2
Liver spots of yellow-brown color 2
Mathematics Skills 2
Medicinal Insects and Mites 2
Medicinal Millets 2
Medicinal Orchids 2
Medicinal Plant Database 2
Medicinal Plants of India 2
Medicinal weeds 2
Odisha Folk Rice based Traditional Herbal Formulations 2
Paramparik Gyan 2
Patches have surrounding redness in Vitiligo 2
Peeling of skin in large scales 2
Peeling of skin with edematous swelling 2
Peeling of the skin with falling of nails and hair 2
Peels off and shows loosened scales 2
Pennsylvania. 2
Postsecondary Education 2
Pricking sensation dirty-looking dropping off of fingers and toes 2
Psoriasis in chilly and anemic subjects 2
Raw Drugs 2
Scaling off leaves behind red skin and Withered in bends of arms and knees 2
Scaly exfoliation 2
Scaly itches 2
Scleroderma intense redness and scaling of legs 2
Secondary Education 2
Service Occupations 2
Skill Development 2
Skin blue and spotted 2
Skin cold 2
Skin greasy oily specially on hairy parts 2
Skin of face greasy and shiny 2
Skin of hands peels off 2
Spot of white skin with white lock of hair becomes natural color 2
State Standards 2
Suppurative herpes due to cold and by living in damp houses 2
Syphilitic psoriasis 2
Syphilitic psoriasis on back arms and spreading from elbows 2
Technical Education 2
Technical Institutes 2
Todd, John M., b. 1821 2
Traditional Knowledge Documentation 2
Traditional Knowledge about insects 2
Tribal Medicines 2
Two Year Colleges 2
When the skin is milky 2
When there is an offensive discharge from the nose 2
White skin accompanied with ovarian dropsy 2
White skin in scrofula 2
White skin with red patches 2
Wild Healing Mushrooms 2
Wonder Drugs 2
Work Environment 2
Work Experience 2
barber on wheels vancouver 2
barbershop 2
californialightandsound 2
californiapreservationservice 2
mobile vancouver barber 2
review burnaby mobile barbershop on wheels 2
richmond bc home visit barber vancouver 2
roving vancouver bc barber 2
west vancouive mobile barber shop 2
work place barbers vancouver richmond bc 2
yelp roving vancouver barbers 2
100 simple ways for Prevention of Diabetes through Ancient Home Remedies 1
30 most promising ways to manage Diabetes type 2 through Ancient Healing Knowledge 1
Abdomen hard and distended can bear no pressure 1
Abscess of liver 1
Absence of pleasurable sensation during coition 1
Absence of thrill during coition 1
Aching and heaviness in the region of liver greatly aggravated by lying on the left side which causes a dragging sensation 1
Acrid water brash makes the mouth sore 1
Administration 1
Angina pectoris due to chronic rheumatism that has wandered from joint to joint 1
Antisnake venom medicinal herbs used by Traditional Snake Experts of Asia 1
Asthma during coition 1
Asthma on attempting coition 1
Atrophy of the liver with or without distension of the abdomen 1
Aversion to coition and dryness of the vagina 1
Bad taste in the mouth 1
Balo ke rogon me upyogi Desi Jadi-butiyan 1
Barbers Hill 1
Barbershops 1
Barber’s itch 1
Barber’s itch when there is burning or itching 1
Bastar Folk Rice based Traditional Herbal Formulations 1
Bawasir me upyogi Desi Jadi-butiyan 1
Bearing down in the groin as if menses would appear 1
Beginning of arterio-sclerosis when only the cardiac irritation and the heart sounds are present 1
Behavioral Objectives 1
Bengal Folk Rice based Traditional Herbal Formulations 1
Bibliographies 1
Bilious vomiting 1
Biting and tingling from place to place on scratching 1
Bleeding after coition 1
Blister like eruptions on the palms of hands and of bluish or black color 1
Bloody stools 1
Bone diseases 1
Breathless 1
Burnaby barber shop on wheels 1
Burning and acute pain in liver extending towards stomach 1
Burning and stinging 1
Burning sensation and itching all over 1
Burning sensation in the body 1
Burning smarting and excoriation in vagina during and after coition 1
Business 1
Business Administration 1
Calhoun, Olivia H. 1
Cancerous Wound healing through Medicinal Flora of Peninsular India 1
Cannot bear the idea of coition 1
Cannot go upstairs 1
Career Awareness 1
Career Development 1
Career Ladders 1
Cerebral arterio-sclerosis 1
Chakkar ke liye upyogi Desi Jadi-butiyan 1
Children are dwarfish with intellectual defect 1
Chilliness after eating 1
Choking sensation in throat and inability to sleep 1
Chronic form of Urticaria 1
Chronic jaundice 1
Chronic nephritis 1
Clay colored stools 1
Cody 1
Cold hands and feet 1
Coleman 1
Congestion in chest and head 1
Constipation 1
Constriction of vagina during coition 1
Convulsions due to suppression of eruptions 1
Copper colored spots 1
Coral colored spots changing to dark red and then copper colored 1
Course Descriptions 1
Crazy News 1
Cruea 1
Crusts are produced by scratching 1
Curriculum Development 1
Curriculum Evaluation 1
Curriculum Guides 1
Dama ke liye upyogi Desi Jadi-butiyan 1
Danto ke liye upyogi Desi Jadi-butiyan 1
Deficiency of mitral valves 1
Deficiency of mitral valves due to alcoholism 1